About me

I’ve been a full-stack web platform developer for a number of years currently living in Paris. I grew up in England but speak native-level French having lived and worked in France for 15 years.

Not just a developer, I’ve founded two startups which has given me first-hand exeperience of customer development, lean methodology lifecycles and scalable implementations.

My areas of experience are primarily in backend and frontend web application development, server administration, relational databases, analytics, monetisation, search engine referencing and advertising.


I’m experienced with:
  • Languages: C++, php, python, Javascript, nodeJS, mySQL
  • Web frameworks: Laravel, Django, React
  • Mobile: Swift, Objective C, Java
  • Platforms: Magento, Shopify, Wordpress
  • Linux server configuration

I also provide consultancy, integration and training in:
  • Search Engine Optimization, website auditing
  • email infrastructure (dovecot, postfix, mailchimp, spam filtering)
  • Google Analytics / Search Console Webmaster Tools
  • facebook / AdSense campaigns
  • e-commerce

Areas of experience:
  • AI: Convolutional Neural Networks for Computational Vision, Reinforcement Learning in financial markets
  • 3D Interior Scene Modelling
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • e-commerce, video streaming, blogging, CMS